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About Hypotenuza


Hypotenuza is a boutique music production studio that creates hi quality original soundtracks for film and media. We offer content creators exclusive music tracks with various licensing options. 


At Hypotenuza we commit to craft unique and carefully elaborated sound and audio material to fulfill the needs and expectations in the highest professional levels.

As perfectionists with a great attention to detail we strongly believe in working together with our clients to understand  the context and goals of the audio material that will be created for the project.

Pablo Samonta, creator of Hypotenuza obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition in 2011 at UCA, (Facultad de Artes y Ciencias  Musicales / Universidad Católica Argentina) and has been composing and producing music for media since then. 

In 2021, after years of successful international work and experience Pablo Samonta decided to form a more defined platform for his professional music production activity, Hypotenuza.

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Let's Tell More Stories, Together

Let's orchestrate LIFE...

"creating new music for film and media projects It's always a beautiful challenge, all projects are different and because of that the music needs to be carefully crafted to fit each scene according to the storyteller's idea.

I describe my composing as an inmense and constant decision making process, from big decisions to really small ones... I believe that in the end all of the composer's choices should be justified by the desired and ultimate musical goal.


Important questions like Instrumentation, tempo, key, harmonic context, scale, dynamic or articulation can be determined by the professional experience to reach musically a specific feeling, mood, or emotion. 

Pablo Samonta

Composer / Hypotenuza Creator

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